James McDowall —

ACT Party Candidate

James McDowall

ACT Party Candidate (Hamilton East)

Born and raised in Pukekohe, James moved to Hamilton in 2006 to study management at the University of Waikato. He also studied for one semester at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. In 2011, James moved to Wellington and became Head of Marketing for an international startup, while also working on his own business ventures. In 2017, he returned to Hamilton and became a candidate for the ACT Party.

James believes in free speech, free trade, property rights, and less taxation. Further, he supports tough sentencing for crime and the use of the Three Strikes policy. James opposes unnecessary restrictions being placed on law-abiding firearm owners, while supporting legitimate efforts to disarm criminals and gang members. James is pro-immigration, and resents the growing xenophobic and myopic rhetoric in politics.

James is multilingual and is constantly in touch with people from different cultural backgrounds. He enjoys photography, playing a wide variety of musical instruments, and you’ll often find him at the Hamilton Pistol Club. James lives with his wife in Hamilton, and expects to complete his PhD in 2017.

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