Scott McDowall

Scott is a Clarinet & Saxophone tutor and player based in Auckland, New Zealand.
In addition to private tutoring, he is available for  playing in many types of performance situations and also for session work in recording studios.

Scott has a Bachelor of Music Degree in Clarinet Performance and is an Associate of the Institute of Registered Music Teachers.


Scott is able to play in a variety of performance situations including:

*Other Functions
*Bands (as a stand-in or as an ‘extra’)

For background music situations Scott uses professionally recorded backing tracks and plays solo Clarinet & Saxophone ‘over the top’.  

Rates can vary depending on circumstances (e.g length of gig, travel etc)  so please do call and enquire for a quote.


Most of my teaching is done within various schools and other education institutions.  However I do offer a limited number of weekly private lessons as well.  

Lessons are 30 minutes and cost $25 each (subject to change).  Students will normally be given an account for a school term at a time in the first week of each term.  

Please enquire if you would like to discuss any aspect of my lessons further.



phone:    021 950298

Clarinet & Saxophone Tutor/Player